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The Journey of MY NOSE
Learning to accept and love a critical parent


Gayle Kirschenbaum's enlightening seminar
Gayle expounds upon her own challenging and often humorous experiences to guide the audience through the seven healing tools interspersed with open audience discussion.
What the participants are saying about the seminar.

"Humor heals and Gayle has an ability to use it."
- Robin Joy

"Gayle has something very special. The seminar was outstanding and should be given throughout the world."
- John Peters

"It's great to go through the process and heal your relationships. The seven tools are very helpful and I will definitely be using them."
- Tina Buckman

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Based on the incredible response to Emmy award winning filmmaker Gayle Kirschenbaum's documentary MY NOSE (about her mother’s relentless campaign to get her to have a nose job), she realized it’s time to launch the following fun and enlightening seminar.
This seminar is not is about getting a nose job. Iit’s about loving yourself as you are and learning to accept and even love a parent who is critical of you.  Even if he or she has passed on, your unresolved issues most likely have not. Hanging on to your anger and resentments only hurts you. Gayle's seven tools teaches you how to let go and achieve emotional freedom.

Gayle shows you how to:
- deal with critical parents
- regain your self-confidence
- turn around negative thoughts about yourself
- reduce anxiety
- open yourself to more joy and love


Includes screening of award winning film MY NOSE

"You don't drown by falling in the water;
you drown by staying there."

-Edwin Louis Cole

"Some people say that the mark of a good filmmaker is the ability
to get viewers to relate. So it should be no surprise that Gayle
Kirschenbaum's short film, MY NOSE, about her mother's
lifelong efforts to convince Kirschenbaum to get a nose job is an
honest, often humorous examination of culture and superficiality.
- Miami Herald

"A display of dazzling self-confidence"
- Washington Post

"Hilarious romp"
- Jewish Week

"A big little movie"
- Thrive

What the audience is saying about MY NOSE.
What the press is saying about MY NOSE.


"I thought it was very brave, because we all have things about us that we want to hide and in this film she is exposing things that we all worry about and Gayle is doing it in such a bold way as if to say we're all human and we have these sorts of questions."


"The thing that really drew me in was the openess that she had in making it."

"It just sort of epitomizes the mother-daughter relationship, whether it's about noses or what-not, it's about moms putting pressure on their daughters. I thought the film was great."

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