Here's what our test audiences said after private
pre-release screenings.

"The film is brilliant and incredibly powerful. Important movie for all to see."

Rojske Hasseldine
Mother/Daughter Relationship Therapist/author

"Look At Us Now Mother! is a film for everybody..."

Gary Grossman
Producer/Bestselling Author

“An Important film. A film about forgiveness, about relationships—very powerful.”

John Gray

“It’s incredibly touching. Anybody who ever had, or still has a mother can’t help but be moved by it.”

Sherry Amatenstein

“It crosses all cultures—we’re all a part of this film.”

Laura Slutsky
PeopleFinders Productions Founder

“A film for every generation.”

Barbara Okun
Interior Designer

“Gayle, to her credit, has made peace, and just to see that happen on screen I thought was pretty remarkable.”

Glenn Kirschbaum

“The film was beautiful and described an incredible journey.”

Adam Brown

"It hit me right in the heart...it was so strong, it made me cry."

Susannah Kelly

“A wonderful positive, message about forgiveness.”

Stephen Day
Music Professional

"From the perspective of genealogists and people researching their family history, the film will really resonate and may actually give them some ideas of confronting
their history."

Pamela Weisberger

"Very, very sensitive. It touched me deeply, to tears in
many parts."

Lynda Levy

"Her film really helped me to think about my life, and my family, and I think it would have that impact on anyone."

Bob Israel
Movie/Theater Producer

"Gayle is a very sensitive, very excellent filmmaker. I really recommend this to anyone who likes good film."

Lan O'Kun