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Marina Cantacuzino is an award-winning journalist who in 2003, in response to the imminent invasion of Iraq, embarked on a personal project collecting stories in words and portraits of people who had lived through violence, tragedy or injustice and sought forgiveness rather than revenge. As a result Marina founded, The Forgiveness Project, a UK-based not-for-profit that uses the real stories of victims and perpetrators to explore how ideas around forgiveness, reconciliation and restorative justice can be used to impact positively on people’s lives. The Forgiveness Project has no religious or political associations..

Debra BrunnerDEBRA BRUNNER - Founder of The Together Plan
Debra has been working with communities in Belarus for almost ten years. She is the Founder and Director of The Together Plan, a UK Charity promoting community capacity building helping to develop the capacity and skills of the members of socially and economically disadvantaged communities in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Debra has a particular interest in understanding and exploring the impact of inherited trauma passed on from one generation to the next, with specific reference to Holocaust survivors and those who lived through the Communism of the Soviet Union. Debra is the Founder of The Polotsk Jewish Cultural Educational Foundation in Belarus and is a Fellow of the RSA in the UK.

Dr. Nicoletta Pallotta is a long-time Brooklyn resident who has been an active member of the borough’s health care community for over three decades. A graduate of Brooklyn College, Dr. Pallotta also received her medical degree from Chieti University in Italy, and a Master of Arts in Social Work from Hunter College. Dr. Pallotta is committed to offering women and their families the chance to understand and impact their own health and well-being, physically and mentally. She has founded many other community-based programs including Brooklyn Counseling Services and the Neighborhood Counseling Center. As Director of Brooklyn Women’s Services, an affiliate of Maimonides Medical Center, Dr. Pallotta often delivers seminars on a wide variety of programs dedicated to assisting women and their families to achieve wellness and improve the quality of their lives.

Glory De SimoneGLORY DE SIMONE - Founder, Glory De Simone & Associates
Glory brings 30 years of experience working with business executives and Human Resources leaders and teams to enhance their effectiveness and achieve strategic business goals. She helps organizations in transition align their people plans and practices with business priorities. Glory has extensive experience leading change management initiatives and strategic staffing for large-scale merger integrations. She has also led global human capital strategy and execution for companies during periods of growth and business transformation. She brings a practical and client-driven approach to people challenges in the workplace, and she is a creative and action-oriented problem solver.

Dr. Pamela Everett ThompsonDR. PAMELA EVERETT THOMPSON - Psychologist/Author
Dr. Pamela Everett Thompson is a psychologist, professional life coach, and owner of Building Bridges to Better Lives, P.C. based in Atlanta. She has provided mental health services for adult males and females, married and pre-marital couples, and adolescent females since 1996. She was recently featured on the show, "My Mom and Me" produced by the Oprah Winfrey Network. Additionally, she is a member of the board of advisors for Sesame Street and also belongs to the network of providers offering services through the nationally syndicated radio show "New Life Live." Most recently, her first book, on overcoming strained mother-daughter relationships, Surviving Mama, was released. Prior to and while operating her own private practice, she has provided clinical services to prisons throughout Georgia, most notably Metro State Prison for women.

Lois BravermanLOIS BRAVERMAN - President/CEO Ackerman Institute for the Family
Lois Braverman is President and CEO of the Ackerman Institute for the Family. Ms. Braverman's many publications and international presentations challenge the assumptions implicit in major schools of family therapy about women's role in the family, in the workplace, and in the psychotherapeutic setting. Her special areas of interest are women's friendships and marital relationships, depression and marital dynamics, couple therapy with marginalized couples, and issues of power in couple therapy. She was the founding editor of the Journal of Feminist Family Therapy; serves on the Board of Advisory Editors for Family Process; and is the author of Women, Feminism, and Family Therapy, published by Haworth Press.

Sara Esther CrispeSARA ESTHER CRISPE - Founder Writer/Editor/Speaker
Sara Esther Crispe is the Editorial Director of, a non-profit multi-layered educational initiative celebrating the convergence between contemporary arts and sciences and timeless Jewish wisdom. She is also the creator and editor of, a project of, where she writes the popular weekly blog, Musing for Meaning. Sara Esther has traveled throughout the world as an inspirational speaker on the subjects of relationships, communication, and dealing with challenge. She has served as a consultant for two documentaries with the Oprah Winfrey Network dealing with the Jewish perspective on dating and marriage. She lives with her husband, Rabbi Asher Crispe and four children in Merion Station, PA.

Marge Chirchick​MARGE CHIRCHICK - Realtor/Educator
Marge Chirchick co-chairs the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival. She’s on the leadership committee for Hadassah in Los Angeles and volunteers for the National of Jewish Women. She has been a realtor for 38 years in Beverly Hills works for Rodeo Realty. Prior she taught school for 13 years, with a Master's degree in Special Education. She holds degrees in Speech and Drama. Marge has written teaching guides for the movie studios, using feature films as a motivational tool to develop reading and language skills. Films she has done this for include Benji, Frankenstein and Love Story.

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Albert Maysles ALBERT MAYSLES - Cinematographer/Filmmaker
Albert Maysles, one of America's foremost non-fiction filmmakers, is recognized as a pioneer of "direct cinema", the American version of "cinema verite." Film director Jean-Luc Godard called Albert Maysles "the best American cameraman." He has received the Career Achievement Award (1994) of the International Documentary Association, the President's Award (1998) of the American Society of Cinematographers, and the Vision Award (1998) of the Boston Film/Video Foundation. In 1999 Eastman Kodak saluted him as one of the top 100 cinematographers in the world. Maysles films include: Salesman, Gimme Shelter, Grey Gardens and The Gates.

Bob IsraelBOB ISRAEL - Movie/Theater Producer
Bob Israel is a Managing Member of AngelVision Investors, a group that invests in entertainment, marketing and new media entities. He is also the Co-Founder and former Creative Director of Aspect Ratio, the largest movie-marketing agency in Hollywood. He has produced several feature films including Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, which helped launch Jim Carrey's film career, and the cult classic, Bachelor Party, which helped get Tom Hanks' career rolling. From 2000-2008 Bob was the Executive Producer of The Hollywood Reporter's Movie Marketing Awards, the Key Arts. He is currently a member of the Motion Picture Academy and a member of the Executive Committee of the Academy's PR branch.

Carole DeanCAROLE DEAN - Entrepreneur/Grantor/Producer
Carole Dean is a Documentary Producer, entrepeneur and grantor whose award-winning work has been shown around the globe. She is the founder of Studio Film & Tape, a $15 million dollar a year business, which bought film stock from features, tv shows, and commercials. Since 1992, Carol has been providing resources to filmmakers through the Roy W. Dean Grant Foundation, which she established in honor of her late father. The foundation has provided millions of dollars worth of in-kind contributions of goods and services. Through her company From The Heart Productions Carol enables filmmakers to receive non-profit grants and tax-deductible donations to help fund their films. A published author and speaker, Carole has toured the U.S., teaching workshops on her books: The Art of Film Funding: Alternative Financing Concepts, and The Art of Manifesting: Creating Your Future.

Laurie Gwen ShapiroLAURIE GWEN SHAPIRO - Producer/Writer
Writer and Emmy-nominated filmmaker Laurie Gwen Shapiro lives in NYC, with her young daughter and Aussie husband. Laurie co-directed and co-produced the 2001 theatrical documentary about octogenarian New Yorker Tobias Schneebaum, Keep The River On Your Right: A Modern Cannibal Tale, with her brother David Shapiro. Together they were the recipients of over ten major awards including the Independent Spirit Award for best new documentary directors. She is nominated for a 2010 Emmy as co-producer of Finishing Heaven for HBO. Shapiro has written three adult comic novels to date, and one teen novel.

Laura SlutskyLAURA SLUTSKY - Founder of PeopleFinders Productions
Laura Slutsky has been an award-winning leader and innovator in the advertising community for over 30 years. Her intuitive talent for casting, interviewing, and directing real credible consumers has made her the most sought after director/interviewer nationally and internationally. Her work has been seen in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia. Her casting/production company PeopleFinders has been featured in many marketing industry publications and business journals. As one notable ad guru says, “You can always tell a Slutsky ad. It is filled with warmth, energy, and great persuasive connection to our client’s products. Slutsky gets people to say what’s on OUR minds!”

Eric ShawERIC SHAW - Founder of New York Credit and All Cities Networking
Eric Shaw founded three companies: New York Credit, Inc., All Cities Network and Wrestle Rock. He wrote two books Championship Networking and The Game of Credit: Managing your A/R for Profit. He's a State Court Appointed Receiver and a wrestling promoter (just like on TV). New York Credit specializes in the liquidation of companies along with being an outsourced credit management company. All Cities is a networking organization comprised of bankers, lenders, lawyers, CPA's, investment bankers, entertainment professionals, women business groups and commercial real estate groups. He is a graduate from New York University, Stern School of Business class of 1974.